Cannabis and Sex

Cannabis and Sex

Is It a Good Idea to Combine Cannabis and Sex?

It’s a question seemingly as old as cannabis itself: does combining cannabis and sex lead to increased libido and better sex? According to some studies, it just might. A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that regular cannabis consumers reported having more sex in the last four weeks than non-consumers.1

Further, a research paper from Saint Louis University revealed that 68% of women who reported consuming cannabis before sex said it made the experience “more pleasurable.”2

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Cannabis and sex, when the drug is consumed responsibly and in a comfortable environment, can surely be enjoyable. However, a key caveat here is that while a small amount of weed may in some cases lead to a positive correlation between cannabis and libido, it is important not to overdo it.

As the saying goes, always remember to “start low and go slow” – and this applies especially when combining cannabis and sex.

The Potential Drawbacks of Pairing Cannabis with Sex

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While there is little doubt that a significant number of weed consumers say cannabis and sex go great together, not everyone agrees. In another study, researcher Joseph Palamar notes that while cannabis may increase sensitivity, it can also cause paranoia for some consumers, which may lead to them getting “lost in their own heads.”3

This aspect of mixing cannabis and sex could be a potential drawback, as a distracted partner likely isn’t fully present in the moment, making the experience less enjoyable for both participants.

Although not related to cannabis and libido, a concern some people have is the effect cannabis has on sperm production. Some studies suggest that regular cannabis use can decrease sperm count,4 but further research is required to determine the impact this has on fertility.

Another factor to consider is vaginal dryness. While some women report that cannabis causes this unpleasant issue – similar to the dry mouth effect many cannabis consumers experience – others disagree, an Australian study found.5

Encouragingly, the majority of female respondents in another study said cannabis use before sex led to “a more pleasurable orgasm with minimal effect on lubrication.”6

The Link Between Cannabis and Libido

The relationship between cannabis and libido is clearly complex, but despite the possible downsides, many consumers find that cannabis and sex pair well together. If paranoia or dryness are concerns for you or your partner, there are alternatives. For example, consuming strains lower in THC and higher in CBD, or using cannabis lube.

Cannabis lube provides a localized effect, rather than the mind and body high associated with smoking or vaping weed. Some women claim cannabis lube increases sensitivity locally (sorry guys – cannabis lube won’t have the same effect on the penis, as it has no cannabinoid receptors) while reducing friction.

While cannabis-infused creams and topicals aren’t expected to become legally available in Canada until late 2019, it is perfectly legal to make your own cannabis lube.



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