How to Use the PAX Era Premium Extract Vaporizer

How to Use the PAX Era Premium Extract Vaporizer

Over the last few years, PAX® has become known as a leader in the portable cannabis vaporizer market. There are many reasons for the popularity of its devices, including their sleek design, ease-of-use and special features.

Unfortunately, one of those features – integration with the PAX app – is no longer available, at least for iPhone users. That’s because Apple® decided to remove the PAX app (along with all other vaping apps) from their App Store in November 2019.

If you’ve already downloaded the PAX Mobile app, not to worry; you’ll continue to have access to it. But if you’ve recently purchased the PAX Era premium extract vaporizer, which uses a pen-and-pod system consisting of a base unit and removable vape cartridge, you might be wondering how to use the PAX Era without the app. In this user guide we'll walk you through the main features to get you up and running ASAP.

Quick Start: How to Session the PAX Era Extract Vaporizer

Thankfully, using a PAX Era vaporizer without the app is easy and does not prevent you from taking advantage of its main features. Although some special features (such as precision temperature control and lock mode) won’t be enabled, you can still use the device and customize your vaping experience.

To use a PAX Era extract vaporizer without the app, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Insert your Namaste PAX Era Pod (e.g. Citrique) into the top of the device. The X-shaped light will pulse white, indicating that the device is ready for use. (NOTE: If your PAX Era vaporizer is brand new, it may need to be charged prior to use.)
  2. Inhale from the mouthpiece for 1-2 seconds to start your session. That's it! If the pod becomes disconnected, the light will pulse blue.
The PAX Era will pulse white to indicate ready for use, and blue to indicate that the pod has been disconnected
The PAX Era will pulse white to indicate ready for use, and blue to indicate that the pod has been disconnected

How to Check the Battery Level

Monitoring the PAX Era’s battery level without the app is a breeze. Simply give the device a gentle shake, and the number of light petals that illuminate will reveal how much battery you have left.

PAX Era battery charge indicators
Give the PAX Era a gentle shake to display the battery charge level

To charge your PAX Era, plug the USB cable provided into a power source and connect it to your device. The LED petals will light up as the battery charges, just like the above illustration.

How to Adjust the Temperature Settings

Perhaps the most important feature for vaping enthusiasts, temperature control provides a truly personalized consumption experience. That’s because vaping at different temperatures influences the amount of vapour produced as well as the flavour profile.

The PAX Era vape pen comes with 4 pre-set temperature settings:

  • Low (520° F / 270° C)
  • Medium Low (610° F / 320° C)
  • Medium High (700° F / 370° C)
  • High (790° F / 420° C)
PAX Era temperature indicators
PAX Era temperature indicators

Here’s how to adjust the temperature of your PAX Era without the app:

  1. Ensure a pod is connected to your device.
  2. Shake the device – it will display the current battery level.
  3. Remove the pod – X-shaped light will display the current temperature.
  4. The device will begin cycling through the 4 temperature settings. When it displays your preferred temperature, re-insert the pod – the light will pulse to confirm the temperature has been set.
How to change PAX Era temperature settings
How to change PAX Era temperature setting

How to Monitor Usage & Consumption

Another cool feature of the PAX Era extract vaporizer is the ability to monitor your consumption. Gone are the days of guessing how many puffs you took – the PAX Era keeps track for you.

To monitor your usage, follow these steps:

  1. Double tap the device to view your current usage.
  2. Count the number of illuminated petals – this is the number of puffs* you have taken within the last 30 minutes (*One puff = approximately 1-2 seconds of inhalation.)
  3. Tap device six times to reset to zero.
PAX Era usage & consumption indicators
PAX Era usage & consumption indicators