D. Bubba

Namaste’s D. Bubba is a potent phenotype with buds as colourful as they are flavourful. Sometimes known as “Death Bubba”, this indica-dominant hybrid strain boasts an impressively high THC concentration.

D. Bubba’s rich medley of green and purple buds is coated in eye-pleasing trichomes. Expect a sweet, earthy flavour and fresh, pungent smell from D. Bubba’s terpene profile of caryophyllene, myrcene and humulene.

With 17-22% THC, it’s important for anyone enjoying D. Bubba to remember to start low and go slow.

Cannabinoid Profile

THC (17-22%)
CBD (<1%)

Strain Type

Indica (70%)
Sativa (30%)

Flavour Profile

Terpene Profile

Caryophyllene (0.37%)
Myrcene (0.28%)
Humulene (0.13%)