Citrique PAX Era Pods by Namaste deliver the same burst of citrus flavour found in our Citrique dried flower, but in a portable and discreet pen-and-pod format.

Made from C02-extracted cannabis oil combined with botanical terpenes, these premium Citrique vape cartridges will delight the palate with notes of lemon and diesel.

Each 0.5 g pod contains up to 90% THC, and is designed to be used with the PAX Era premium extract vaporizer.

Now available in select provinces.

Cannabinoid Profile

THC (900 mg/g)
CBD (0 mg/g)

Strain Type

Sativa (60%)
Indica (40%)

Flavour Profile

Terpene Profile

Terpinolene (48.4%)
Myrcene (26.9%)
β-Pinene (7.5%)